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Saturday, February 20, 2010


This being my first blog, I trawled, oops giving away my age...browsed.. the internet for advice on writing the perfect opening blog. An hour or two, much browsing and many cigarettes later I settled on this post as it had popped up on every search engine.
Being an indecisive person I thought I'd give all 21 tips ago.If one is guaranteed to grow my blog then all 21 should work a treat.

Here goes:
1. Write something USEFUL.........hmm a tip...........Always remember... one good turn gets all the blanket :) easy

2.Write something UNIQUE........I'm the mother of a transgender mtf ....well its not totally unique but pretty counts!!!

3. Write something NEWSWORTHY.......Thurs 18th Feb, Brown snake found in loungeroom of a 20 yr old girl(my daughter). Efforts to locate snake were successful using the pillowslip and stick method and the deadly venomous snake now has been relocated.

4.Writes something FIRST.......Good I the first to say it?

5.Write something THAT MAKES THOSE WHO READ IT SMARTER... ahh a challenge...Canned grapefruit juice contains twice the naringin of fresh grapefruit

6 Write something CONTROVERSIAL...says good things come to those who wait ...... better things come to those who give in! ;-)

7.Write something INSIGHTFUL... just because your sandwich is gone and there's a trail of crumbs leading to me does not mean I ate it...

8.Write something THAT TAPS INTO A FEAR PEOPLE HAVE.../\____/\___/\___/\___/\______________/\___________________________________________

9.Write something that helps people ACHIEVE... a friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move the body.

10. Write something that ELICITS A RESPONSE...You did WHAT with WHO for HOW many Mars Bars?

11.Write something that gives a SENSE OF BELONGING.... The three words you never want to hear when your having sex with the love of your life?? HONEY I'M HOME!!!

12.Write something PASSIONATELY...I loved you then, love you still, always has, and always will.

13.Write something that INTERPRETS or TRANSLATES news for people...if you watch Jaws backwards, it's about a shark that throws up people until they are forced to open a beach.

14.Write something INSPIRATIONAL...Don't ever give up on life. Go out, make mistakes, make a mess, make a fuss, make a noise,make a friend, make an enemy, make a cake, make a baby, but most of all make the most of your life!

15.Write something that tells a husband was having problems with my dad, I never realised how obvious it was until, my mother repeated something my 3 year old had said at the dinner table.
"Pop, my dad doesn't like you" he hesitated, looked across the table and just to make sure said '"Is your name Tom?"

16...Write something that SOLVES A PROBLEM...It's never too late to tell someone to shutup!

17...Write something that gets a LAUGH...tthhee pposstt officce ssentt yyur vvibrraatorr 2 mmyy hhouse bbyy misstaake . howw dooo uu turrnn thhiss tthhinnng offfff??

18...Write something that SAVES PEOPLE TIME OR MONEY...Borrow magazines from your doctor’s office. If you REALLY feel bad about It, Take them back when you're finished with them.

19...Write something OPINIONATED...It takes to much energy to be mad all the time. Life is short. Just be happy:)

20...Write something that is a RESOURCE...I keeps clicking my fingers but the house remains a mess, so I'm telling you : Mary Poppins is a fake.

21...Write something about something ‘COOL‘.... If at first you don't succeed, don't go skydiving!!!

Well there it is my first blog! Enjoy!


  1. My favorite is #13.

    It took me a few minutes to figure out what mtf is. But now I got it. I'm SLOW sometimes.

    Scary about snake. Glad you got that one solved.

  2. #13......wonder if the music would be as creepy backwards?
    ahh i'm slower...I had no idea,have had a huge learning curve in the last 7 months.
    yes the snake...*shudder* it was a baby..where the hell is the mother????


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