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Friday, June 15, 2012

They're here,They're here,They're here

They're here,They're here,They're here,They're here,They're here,They're here!!!!

The twins were due to be born by Cesarean yesterday the  15th!!! BUT they were born last Thursday on the  7th June :)
 They have their own birthday, as it seems they  missed all the significant other birthdays in the family :)

Sorry, you have all been waiting for the other shoe to drop!! Gemma had some early labour and had to stay at Canberra Hospital for a month, that's 2 hours away for us and longer for them,so Aaron and I made a tag team of staying with her as he had to work. She was allowed home for 2 weeks but had to go back at 36 weeks.We also had to move house for them..another story... the week before the Cesarean and we only had a window of opportunity of 2 days.....the Wed and Thursday.On Tuesday I took Gemma in for her ultrasound and she had stay until the ceasar,I stayed overnight and came back to help with the move on Wed. We moved most of it and decided to regroup and move the rest on know where this is going? right?

On Wed night about midnight I get a shaky call from Gemma, "Mum I think my water just broke.."
 "Is it gusshing/ 
" i'ts broke"
"can you ring Aaron ,if I ring he'll panic"
Long story short...ened... Aaron had his phone on silent while it charged but fell asleep, we were all dog tired after moving, the men had worked and moved furniture as well.
 Don't panic Gemma,  but can she ring Leah...Shane will get go get  him to ring,....
.Leahs phone on silent.....BAHHHH..... 
Don't panic Gemma!!! 
We decided to go over and bang on Leahs door at 1.30 in the morning, she is almost as pregnant with twins too, she rings Benny the friend Aaron is staying with as his house has no furniture and 
she tells him
 "Gemma's water broke, Gem's parents are coming to get you" 
so he gets in the car and heads for Leah's as we head to him.We didn't pass him.... Back to Leah's .......He says " :can I drive/"NO get in the back" (it's his car) At some point he would have to drive as he gets terrible motion sickness, but for now....NO....
FForward a  2 and half hour drive........we get to the hospital gate just as  Gemma rings "how far away are you ,it's hurting"  we drop Aaron off at the maternity doors and go park the car and make our way up to delivery. While we were finding Aaron, Gemma had WALKED in the cold over to the hospital, its not far but its cold and she was leaking!! but she didn't want to dial 8 and have everyone rush over when it was just her water .....

Anyhoo I digress, after a visit with Gemma and Aaron,Les and I went over to the residence to get some shuteye, (and give them a bit of time together)just got tucked in when Gemma rang, to tell us to get back over as they were going to ceasar her now instead of waiting until day shift,as her contractions had ramped up and the Doctor was there and would do it now.>>

at 6.30 and 6.32 am Gemma and Aarons  babies were born, mum and bubs healthy.


Ready or not  here they come

1st good look in recovery

 only in the crib for warmth

a few hours old


Nanny with Piper

ME..NANNY.. with Piper, this is a few days later, I look less frazzled!,my hair is brushed!!!

New Babies are not just about the new parents and the mothers mother .....there are many parts of the birth story and excitement surrounding  new birth

Aunty Chloe could not wait and had cancelled Supanova!!!!

Proud Aunty Jess ..she was all bubbly

 This is Aarons mum Heather or .... now.....GRAMS

Aunty Emma, so proud ...
how her purse ended up in my bag? both purple, someone must have put two and  two together and got purple!!! it ended her shopping spree...but she held BABIES!!

Gemma took this adorable photo

the beautiful family 

 I leave you with my favourite pic of  Piper and Dominic