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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My life in shoes

Lacking blogging inspiration you are given THIS today....My life in SHOES!!!

1963,Baby me, all 6lb 20z wore these. How did I get so big???

At some point I learned to walk and I wore shoes like this, mum favoured black or white,shiny shoes, I don't remember any other coloured shoes growing up,or perhaps in the 60's that's all you could buy.

Oh wait, I did have a red pair of these jelly shoes when I was 3, I remember they had a ribbed sort of sole and I was forever getting rocks caught in them and walking on what felt like a huge lump.Mum used to be forever picking small rocks out of them with a matchstick. they were also like walking in a bucket of water on a hot day.

In primary the school shoes were teamed with these lovely fold down long socks, that never stayed up and yet we got into trouble off the teachers as they sunk ever downwards. Elastics under the fold helped but were annoying.

In highschool we were allowed to wear the shorter ones,though the uniform notes stated long socks were compulsory.There was much debate and argument from many an 11 yr old girl and their mother over this. Most of us wore the long ones and changed into the short ones 4 houses away from home. We were not walking the gauntlet in those long ones. I wasn't getting my head flushed for wearing the wrong socks! Oh! the endless scary stories about highschool that were bandied about to terrify us on the first day.

In 3rd form onwards in summer we were allowed to wear these Jc's which we all loved, they were so comfy.
when I wasn't in school shoes or "best" shoes for church or grandparents, then I was in thongs. (Or flipflops for the non aussies) .they didn't have lime green back then though,they came in black white or red.the little plug thing that goes through the shoe would wear out slowly and bang one day would pop through and you'd have to go home barefoot.

1979 I was 16 and purchased my first pair of shoes with my own money.Similar to this ,instead of a buckle on the ankle, they had matching rope that tied up around my calf, round and round. it was itchy and annoying, I lived with rope burns, but I loved them.Dad called them my clodhoppers.

79-81 I wore high heels mostly. Hell I used to walk 1.3km to the station every morning and back in the evening in these things, catch trains, buses, walk everywhere. It's a wonder I can stand straight today.

81-95 Nursing shoes, went through a few of these ,mine were navy blue, teamed with those stockings they advertised for the air hosties.

85-91 found me pregnant a few times, so sensible shoes, but nice ones. I went through a lot of slingbacks as well.

1996 I came down with rhuematoid Arthritis and shoes were almost to painful to wear at all, so anything that would fit and not pinch I wore.

Joggers were pretty much it for out of the house.

And I found a pair of boots, that were comfy, wore them everywhere, no heel but at least they were comfy and not joggers.

Luckily today ,thanks to new medication, I can wear nice shoes again. They have to be mid heel and a chunky heel, no stillettos for me, sadly.

And though I'd much rather be able to wear THESE boots, you will probably be more likely to find me in



  1. lol loved this but I am afraid I still wear the wedged shoes cos they are so so comfy and being a shortie, it gives me a little bit of height :)

  2. Very, very interesting post- loved your walk through time!

  3. I live in flip flops when I am not barefoot. The joys of living in a very warm climate! I DO remember having the little plug thingy pop out! Did you have Dr. Scholl's sandals? These were flat, wooden bases, and a leather strap over the top of the foot. LIVED in those through high school and college!

  4. too cute! I love jellies! and that they're back in style and my girls each have a pair :)

  5. Your wrap made me laugh. You didn't have Bata shoes? I forgotten about Bata Scouts that had a compass inside the heel.

  6. lyndy, I need the height too lol I'm only 5'2, I need all the lift I can get !!

    Shelly, thanks, shoes ? who'd of thunk it ?

    Portia,,oh the plug was annoying and when new the blisters from the rubber........I remember the scholls, think they came out in the 80's here. I never found them comfy though, the funny shape in the sole gave me cramps. weird.

    stephanie...are thier feet wrinkly when they take them off?? lol

    Andrew..oh I'd forgotten about the Bata shoes!!! the compass was for boys I think. I think us girls got some sort of footprint on the sole so we could make tracks.

  7. Really interesting! I can't wear heels any longer myself.

  8. You can tell alot about people by their shoes.

    I perfer to be barefoot. I have no idea what the Hell it says about me. :)

  9. Haha, your shoe phases mostly echo mine - which is a bit of a clue to my age!!! But don't you just look back sometimes and ask yourself 'what were we thinking?'??!!

  10. Hahahaha! I remember nearly every one of those styles, from my own lifetime. I walked in four inch stilettos all over college campus, and lived to talk about it. Now, my feet swell and my back goes out the next day, after a full day on my feet in heels. But I go by the motto my mother told me~"Beauty is pain, dear."

  11. What a lovely way to look back. I went barefoot for a couple of summers. I loved boots. When I was footloose (!) and fancy free I had pairs and pairs of boots.

    Nowadays I'm flat and sensible!

  12. I remember those jelly shoes. They gave me blisters! And I'm with you--the last ones are the best. Do yours have rubbery stuff on the bottom so you don't slide and fall?

  13. I loved this!! So cute!!

    I wish I'd kept shoes... or a memory of them....

  14. If I wore heels I would be on the floor. I remember wearing them when I was younger but now I don't want to chance it, I always twist an ankle or something. I remember jellies, too hot to wear them in the desert, but that didn't keep me from doing it. I just remember my feet slipping around inside them all the time.

  15. I love this post!!! I fancy myself in high heels but like you live in flip flops or slippers!!!


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