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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

29 question meme

29 Questions

This was started over at Odie at The Simple Life,then when I wandered over to La Tejana, there it was again,so i pinched it too, you know I like the meme things.

1. What time did you get up this morning?about 9.30, I stayed up reading blogs till about 3am
2. How do you like your steak? Well done. Rarely eat a good thick steak, too expensive.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The Women, with my Gemma, must be 2 or 2 years ago. I mainly watch DVD's at home.

4. What is your favorite TV show? Winners and Losers, great new Australian series. Another reason I was up so late last night.Had to wait for it to upload onto the website so I could watch the finale. Hubby watches something else.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I love Bali,the ancient Hindu culture, the noise, the smiling faces, the bartering, massages, great food, I would love to spend a year there, not sure I could handle the heat year round though.

6. What did you have for breakfast? A cup of tea.

7. What is your favorite food? anything creamy like past carbonara, garlicky potato bake etc

8. What food do you dislike- fish, I'll eat it if it doesn't taste fishy!

9. What is your favorite place to eat- Anywhere I don't have to cook.

10. What is your favorite dressing. Sweet onion dressing from Subway.

11. What are your favorite clothes- soft flowy dresses,or jeans and nice top.gotta show some cleavage oo

12. Where would you visit if you had the chance- Lipari in the Aolean Islands, Italy, where my grandparents are from.

13. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? 1/2 full, never on empty.

14. Favorite time of day- late afternoon

15. Favorite sport to watch- not a sports fan really, but rugby league ,would love to go to an actual game again, atmosphere used to be fun when I was young.

16. Favorite fragrance- Whatever I was given last..Marouska at the moment.

17. Favorite fruit/vegetable. grapes, natures lollies

18. People watcher? Yes! Danny was always telling me not to stare.

19. Are you a morning or night person- Night, I stay up half the night then sleep in.

20. Do you have any pets. Milo, he is a Jack Russel/Silky cross. Mother and daughter cats ,Sasha and KittyKat. Kitty for short . A pair of scaly breasted lorrikeets Cheeky and Birdy who will bite each other while stating "good girls"

21. Any new & exciting news to share- nothing you all don't know about. The wedding is 6 weeks away and creeping up fast.
22. Any pet peeves? People who sigh loudly with impatience in queues
...we are all waiting.......
23. Favorite flower- Roses, they are just pretty and classic.

24. Do anything spontaneous lately? pfffffffffft

25. Last vacation- 2 weeks in Bali Oct 2010

26. Last person you went out to diner with- Hubby in Bali,,,,,,,,,,,,

27. Favorite color- PURPLE

28. How many tattoos do you have? 2, a fairy on my chest and a floral swirl on my hip.

29. What habit or habits do you need to stop? Going to bed late and waking up late.One day I should give up smoking I guess.


  1. These were so much fun to read! I loved your list of pets- they sound wonderful-

  2. Interesting list! I need to stop smoking too and I would dearly love to see Bali.

  3. We have quite a lot in common! I too am a night person, I also have a cup of tea for breakfast :)

  4. mmm pasta carbonara! and I've always wanted to visit Bali it just seems lovely!

  5. There are so many places in this world I would love to go.

    Bali sounds amazing.

    You need to get yourself a countdown ticker to keep track of the days til the wedding!

  6. The meme questions are always a fun way to learn a little more about someone :). And I just love carbonara.

  7. "natures lollies" I love it. You are totally right! I love grapes too.

  8. I love these lists, you find out the most extraordinary things about people.

    So you like purple too.

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  9. I've got something over at my place for you.

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