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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where I'm from

Today's post is from the poem prompt :Where I'm from.

the template is available here:

I used it to get the thoughts to flow,so mine doesn't follow it exactly.

I am from weetbix with warm milk, from vegemite toast, real butter and pineapple jam in a can.

I am from the fibro walls, a click clack lounge, roller blinds,floral lino and fence to fence grass with overgrown roses under the windows.

I am from a little section cut out of the Royal National Park, surrounded by gum trees, red bottlebrush and golden wattle, the calls of the kookaburras and magpies.

I am from "sit at the table" ,"eat everything on your plate" and chubbiness passed down from Nanna Gavin ,from the aroma of rosemary, garlic and basil from my Nonna .

I am from loud 50's and 60's music ,2 younger sisters,netball,swimming lessons and tennis,from “Get out of my room” and “Stop taking my stuff”.

I am from the corner shop with 2 for a cent lollies,GI lime iceblocks,coca cola and paper straws.

I am from long walks to the station, railmotors and changing trains to get to the city.

I am from Mothers day and Fathers day school stalls, fancy pincushions and facecloth wrapped soaps.

I am from “Be on your best behaviour or Santa won’t come” and “Yes ,I'm sure the tooth fairy will still come,if you leave a note that you swallowed your tooth”.

I am from behaving,because there were consequences if I didn'...,teachers,parents or both and if I didn't get caught God would strike me down...somehow someway...

I am from the little blue Catholic church on the corner of my street,from ladies wearing headscarves in pews,and the jingle of coins falling in the collection plate. From the sleepiness,and hunger of early morning Mass and confession,the prettiness, excitement and fear of First Holy Communion.Of hiding from the priest visit,not wanting to explain our lack of attendance.

I am from Sydney,Australia,both convict and Italian ancestors. From meat and 3 veg, fish and chips on thursday nights after shopping,from spaghetti bolognaise and vino.

I am from “do it now”, “eat your brussel sprouts’, “because i said so”,” ask your father”,'ask your mother’,"your father will hit the roof”,"be home by 5“ ,”put a blue bag on it”“put butter on it”“i’m home put the news on”"put the kettle on" "has anyone fed the dog?" and “whose turn to wash up?”

I am fromlong hot bushfire summers, waiting for the southerly buster turning the pillow to the cool side, tinsel xmas trees,boxing day family parties,visiting family in the country,cold winters looking for frost on the grass,gas fire,cups of tea ,Mum ,Dad and 3 girls.


  1. I love this.

    I'm in a bit of a rut lately, this may be just what I need to get the thought going again.


  2. Wonderfully interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. I had my students do this as a writing exercise at the beginning of the school year, and they loved it. I think it helps to give a much more complete picture of us all. Thank you for sharing-

  3. I loved this! I recognized my own childhood in many of the examples of yours. Really great.

  4. Like Belle, there was so much I recognised! It is lovely to put it like that. Found this really interesting and fun :)

  5. This is a fascinating read - volumes between the lines. :)

  6. That was very fun to read.

    I don't usually like poems, but I like that type.

  7. I haven't been around much but I have been reading a little. Trying to find my way back but I've been at a loss for words.

    I'm going to try this...thanks.

  8. Great post! And, yes, I saw my own childhood in those lines as well.

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  14. That was very fun to go through.I don't usually like songs, but I like that variety.

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