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Friday, July 8, 2011

Could have been much much worse

It's been a whirlwind few days.
We got THAT call. "Dad I've been in an accident..........Me and Jess came off the bike". My head, I'm ready to explode at this point, as hubby' face gets all worried and he is listening on the phone.

Chloe was slowing down for change of speed sign as she does, the same time and place everyday.,the weather was bad with sleet, as she tapped the brake lightly as usual ,next thing they are on the ground.

Chloe has broken both bones in her forearm that needed pinning and plating and Jess has a pretty bunged up knee,not broken but oh so painful.

This happened Wed night and Chloe was finally operated on,last night..Friday night,it would have been some time over the weekend,stuck on morphine until surgery, but she has those 3 appointments in Melbourne ,she has been waiting for for months,so the staff were great ,understood the importance and just kept hassling theatre ,trying to get her done last night. The call didn't come through until 7.30pm . This means she will get home tomorrow and we can still go for the appts.Won't be a comfy trip, but she will get there by hell or high water!!!

So I've been down in Canberra at Chloe and Jess's flat with only the clothes I am wearing.....I forgot my bag,left it in the hallway.. I bought new undies and borrowed t shirts.Jess is at her mums for mothering until her knee is better and she sleeps better,so it's me and the cats.

The bike in the pic above will be sold, they are getting licenses to drive cars. Chloe won't risk Jess on the back anymore and the fun suddenly went out of it. In the meantime they walk and bus it everywhere.It will get them fit in a hurry,so they are not terribly upset, but at the moment its freezing.

Thank the deity/s that they are ok. If a little nerve damage and a numb back of the thumb is the sum total of damage,it is amazing. Very rare to come out of a motorbike accident in relatively one piece.
I count my blessings.


  1. Ohhhh, I'm counting blessings with you!!! I'm glad they both are OK relatively speaking.

    Makes you realize how fragile and fleeting life really is. Again, I'm so glad they are all right!!!

  2. Thank God that's the worst of it. I can't even imagine how you must have felt. Good that the surgery is over and hope all settles back down real soon. Hugs to you Mom!

  3. I am so glad they were not hurt badly, although I am sure broken bones are no picnic!

    Hugs to you!

  4. Hubby was travelling across the Hornibrook bridge when a motorist cut him off, he had to swerve to avoid being hit by the car, but if he went left he would have gone into the water, instead he went right and hit gravel, and then slid and hit a concrete barrier. Basically he ended up with his leg wrapped around him. He now has a titanium rod from hip to thigh and suffers from constant pain. And needless to say he doesn't ride any more.
    Motorcycle accidents are vicious. Glad the girls came out of it relatively OK.

  5. Aw, sorry for them and you. If you ride a motor bike and haven't had a decent accident, you will in the future. My brother was laid up for months and nearly had to have his leg amputated.

  6. You have convinced me not to ride a motor-bike; even though I never really considered doing it. I'm not brave enough for that. I hope Jack doesn't end wanting to do it.

    I'm glad Chloe and Jess are alive, and recovering. I'm also glad Chloe's going to be able to make her appointments.

  7. Don't we all dread that phone call? I hope that all is going well.

  8. Thank god they both got off light and that you get your handbag and clothes soon. (((hugs))) to you all

  9. bless your heart! how scary! glad they are ok!

  10. oh no !! im glad they are okay :)

  11. I am happy to know they both got through it okay. Hugs to everyone. Speedy recovery.

    And hugs to you...the mom... 'cause that's the hardest job there is.

  12. Thankful that the damage is no worse than it was! Motorcycles, booo.

  13. EXACTLY why I've always told every boyfriend that I would break up with him if he got a motorcycle. I feel like it's not "IF" you drop your bike, it's "WHEN" and I never want to get that phone call. I'm so glad they're both okay.

  14. Lizbeth, thanks. It does, very scary!

    BB, thanks, almost back to normal,she has to do everything left handed which is fun lol

    Portia, thanks,yep no picinic but alternative was worse.

    sprite,oh that sounds so horrible. the metal in the winter would make winter painful I imagine.

    Andrew, OMG thats awful. He's alive though, the main thing I think. she is giving up the bike.

    dina, I'm with you, but I can't even handle a pushbike lol.I have been on the back behind chloe..once. I can say I did it, it was fun, but I don't need to do it again lol

    Anji, yes,thanks, all good now :)

    lyndy..found them where I left them :)

    steph, thanks :)

    emma, thanks sweetie :)

    Ami, thanks, I don't think you're wrong!!

    Redhead, yes, boo, I am glad it's being sold.

    cake, i think you are right! Bike is being sold soon as its repaired. She wont have the strenght in the wrist to ride for at least a year,if ever.

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  16. So scary! I'm glad it wasn't worse! My husband is an avid motorcycle rider and I wish he wasn't. As safe and careful as he is, the OTHER drivers on the road are not. He has had more near accidents than I can count. With 3 little boys I know they are going to be bike enthusiasts if he doesn't sell that damn thing! We've been arguing about selling the bike for a while now and are presently in negotiations. Which means, I won't have sex with him until the bike is gone. I win.

  17. Good to hear they are both okay. I hope Chole heals quickly.

  18. this point now, I think I'd be in for a dry spell as well lol

    stefani Thanks, she is medning well


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